Planning  offerings 

For the modern couple who wants their wedding to be a fun, authentic reflection of their story.

You’re a modern couple: discerning, progressive, sophisticated. There’s nothing you can’t handle together, including planning a wedding (or milestone!)

Or so you thought, until you got hit with 3,419 questions…

How are your guests getting from the ceremony to the reception?

But you’re Hindu and your partner is Black… how is the ceremony going to work? 

Why aren’t you having a wedding party? Oh, but you must have a wedding party. Everyone does!

Where is Aunt Kathy sitting? She can’t be near Great Uncle Ted.

It’s exhausting — and basically a full-time job (and you’ve already got one of those).

Good thing you have us at Glorious Weddings & Events. We’ll take the research, stress and mountain of questions off your plate, and loop you in for the fun stuff. Time to pop the bubbly!


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Meet The Planner

I’m Alyssa Glorioso, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you started calling me Coach Glo. I firmly believe that wedding planning is a team sport. As we work together for a year (or longer!) you’ll find I’m: 

  • Laid back, yet oh so on top of things. It’s one of the things my couples say they love most about me.
  • Your advocate. I want what you want for your wedding day, no matter what your parents expect or tradition dictates. 
  • A creative problem solver. No wedding day issue is too big or too weird for me to handle. 
  • Captain of your dream team of wedding professionals, come wedding day.
  • All about making things perfect, but I’m also super practical. I’ll be real with you when you pick out a venue that doesn’t match your design style, and I’ll remind you not to sweat the small stuff when you’ve spent four hours worrying about napkin folds.
  • Your coach when it comes to getting married in a way that feels authentic and stress-free for you and your partner.


In order to produce events our company is known for, we accept a limited number of projects each year. Each planning journey is unique, and so our offerings. That being said, our event management clients spend on average $4800-5500 & our full planning fee reflects a percentage of the overall project scope. Please note that we recommend our clients allocate a minimum budget of 125,000 towards their wedding day.


You can hire a wedding planner at any point during the planning process, but the ideal time is right after your engagement. Many of the crucial wedding planning decisions are made then (things like what your budget is and what venue you’ll get married at) and it’s my job to help you make those tough early choices. The sooner you hire a wedding planner, the easier and more stress-free your wedding planning experience will be.

Not at all. I love working with destination wedding couples who choose to celebrate their love in the Nation’s Capital. I think you’ll find having a wedding planner is crucial when planning a destination wedding because I will have an innate understanding of Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC that you may not.

Absolutely! I’d say about 60% of the couples who inquire with me have a multicultural aspect to their day. I think it’s extremely important to honor that because, as your wedding planner, my main focus is helping you create a wedding day that tells your story authentically. Your ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and culture are a huge part of that story, and I’ll work closely with you to make sure they’re incorporated in the planning.

A Discovery Call is like a first date, minus the awkwardness. I want to hear your love story, what your dream is for your wedding day, your go-to cocktail, and so many more things about your life. You’ll get to ask me questions, too. We’ll talk through the wedding planning process I follow and the tools I use, and I’ll also tell you a bit about myself (I’m a cat mom, love yoga and have an aversion to cheese, for starters). There is absolutely no pressure to sign with me on the phone; instead, I’ll follow up with a proposal that reiterates what we talked about, and (fingers crossed!) you’ll sign and we can begin our work together.

Are We Doing This or What?!

Let’s start getting to know each other. You bring the engagement stories and questions, I’ll bring the bubbly

 and some insider wedding planning tips!