Glorious Weddings & Events is a boutique planning company located just outside D.C.

Known for it's personal approach, nature-inspired designs, and thorough planning process: all with you in mind.

Let's tell your story.

Meet the Planner

photo: Arli Quinn

Welcome!  I am so glad you have visited my little nook of the world wide web.  I am Alyssa Glorioso, the owner and lead planner at Glorious Weddings & Events.  I am a relatively rare breed for the DC area, as I am a true local (a Virginian since the age of 4). BUT, I have roots in San Diego, Colorado and New York and love to bring the energy of those places into life and work. 

In my former life, I was a teacher for 4th and 5th grade and with that comes a unique ability corral adults and kids alike. Believe me, that is a useful skill! Event planning is a culmination of all my life experience — and most of all, to support YOU, my client. It’s all in service of crafting an unmatched client experience.

…and lover of personality inventories in general. Curious?

  • Newest obsession: Human Design: Manifester! Strangely, it REALLY hit the mark. 
  • My sign: Aries (Warm and calm with a little fiery thrown in)
  • Questioning Tendencies
  • Except the Enneagram. I just don’t get it (I test as a 1, 2, or 3)

Current favorites: 

  • Lisianthus, Dahlias, Tweedia, and texture. texture. texture.
  • ikebana style designs.

Amazing if done right: 

  • Baby’s breath, roses, and carnations

In the evenings, you’ll probably find me with a glass of red wine, making a mess in the kitchen.

But …. eating out is kind of my love language. 

My mom is from Colorado and I was born in sunny San Diego. What can I say? It’s in my blood! When I need a reset or inspiration nature is my go-to.

Thanks to my Dad’s engineering background, I have a tendency to live totally out of the box. 

Let’s just say I go to Home Depot more than my husband, so I live for the workaround.

That funky design flaw or event day glitch? My team’s got you covered. 

I want what you want for your wedding day with the seamless logistics to make it happen

One of my vendor partners said it best: “For couples, she’s very organized and relaxed. I’ve found that it’s hard to maintain this balance as a wedding planner because you want to be on top of everything, but you also don’t want to stress your couple out! Alyssa is the perfect balance!”

When we get to work with our dream team of vendors, magic happens, and our clients benefit. We’re there to supervise and support your team, and anticipate any glitches before they arise.

Our goal is always for you to understand how your selections support your biggest priorities. So while we love crafting gorgeous designs, logistics always come first to creating that beautiful event flow. 

Also see: my dad’s an engineer so “design flaw” was often said in our house. 

Your coach when it comes to getting married in a way that feels like you because, above all, weddings and celebrations are about the FEELING.


01. Collaboration
If you've read just a little of the website you know our opinions on this (it's a team sport)!

As planners we work closely with your vendor team to bring your vision and day to life. I'm always amazed how the best creative ideas come to life when working together with others.
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02. Fun + Ease
Planning can bring it's stress, but we want to bring a lighthearted fun to the party and planning process.

Some people tell me our team is very Type A in a good way, and others note our calm and low key demeanor. We are down with both.
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03. Inclusive Hospitality
We're not in the wedding industry, we're in the people business. From our first discovery call to your guest experience on the wedding day having a welcoming spirit is #1.

We estimate that over 60% of our inquiries are from multi-cultural couples, and/or couples from diverse, unique backgrounds.
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04. Anchored to your why
Weddings are meaningful, major life events, and also optional. We believe life is too short to plan anything but an event that is wildly and fantastically you.

While we are very (yes very) invested in your event, it's not about our vision or our opinions but yours
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05. Radically kind honesty
As your planner, advisor, and fearless captain, we always have your back. And sometimes that means not being a "yes man". Rather, we believe in offering realistic options and scenarios to help you prioritize and ultimately meet your goals.
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our story:

the reason why

we do what we do


While I love the design and the planning, the logistics and the timeline, nothing brings me more joy than being a part of those moments of true connection and celebration on a wedding day:

Seeing the joy in the parents’ eyes as their daughter walks down the aisle, or listening to the toasts. I always learn new things about my couples from the toasts — and they remind me what it’s all about. It is humbling to be able to be a part of  your significant moments and I am still in awe that I get to be a part of your story.  

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