Thoroughly Modern Wedding Planning

You're going to remember your wedding day in moments.

Moments like...

These moments are too special to be lost on bygone traditions and insignificant details.

A thorough, modern approach to wedding planning can set you free from those expectations and give you more headspace for the wedding day moments you won’t want to forget. And that’s our specialty.  

Meet Coach Glo

I’m Alyssa Glorioso, and I believe creating an incredible wedding day is a team sport. As we work together, I’ll coach you through the highs and lows of wedding planning, serve as captain for your dream team of wedding professionals on the big day, and will be your loudest cheerleader throughout the process.

Designed for Modern Couples Like you

When magazines say, “You  need a grand wedding,” the modern couple says, “Yes, and let’s plan for a grand marriage, too.”

When society says, “Your wedding is all about you,” the modern couple says, “It’s really important to us that our friends and family feel included.” 

When tradition says, “You can’t see your partner the morning of the wedding,” the modern couple asks, “Why?” 

You like to do things your own way, and you’ll fit right in at Glorious Weddings & Events.

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